RJ-3015A Standard Open Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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fiber laser cutting machine1 Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Advantages: (1) Very low cost, every hour only consumed 0.5W to 1.5W electricity, cutting all kinds of sheet metal by air; (2) Imported original fiber lasers, High and stable function, lifespan is over 100,000 hours; (3) Higher cutting speed and efficient, speed of cutting plate can reach over 10 meters Laser free maintenance; (4) Smooth and fine edge or surface and small distortion; (5) Imported servo motor and gearing system to guarantee precise cutting; (6) Dedicated software enables graphic or text to instantly designed or processed. Flexible and easy operation.
 图片1 Laser source -- Raycus 
  1. Direct control of all the fiber laser functions; Synchronized control of the laser source; 2. High speed perforation
3. Cutting data library; 4. More than 100,000 hours work-life of pumped diode,almost free maintenance.
 fiber laser cutting machine Servo Motors and drivers --YASKAWAThe YASKAWA servo motors enjoy fast dynamic response and performances stably. It has high inertia and large torque, output with strong power.
 fiber laser cutting machine Laser Cutting Head -- Worthing(WSX) 
  1. Collimating lens and focal lens adopt compound lens, to obtain
the optimal optical quality and the cutting effect.
  1. Completely sealed internal structure of laser head can avoid optical part polluted by dust.
 fiber laser cutting machine Planetary Gearbox --MOTOREDUCER
  1. Excellent Performances, high torsional stiffness,low noise, low backlash.
  2. Satellite gears are double-supported on hardened and ground
shafts with full-complement needle bearings increasing torsional stiffness.
 fiber laser cutting machine Guide Rail -- ABBA  1. Wear resisting2. Higher speed and Stable performance3. Noise volume is lower4. High accuracy and long service life   fiber laser cutting mahcine Rack & Pinion System -- APEX Ensure the transmission high precision, high speed and high stable.
 fiber laser cutting machine Water Cooling System 
  1. Dual cooling function: laser source cooling; laser head cooling;
  2. Multiple protection functions, passive alarm terminals and remote control terminals, easy to achieve centralized CNC control and monitoring.
 fiber laser cutting machine Automatic lubrication:The lubrication time period can be set in the software, to ensure the accuracy of transmission system, operator just need to set up the time break in the software and keep the oil containerfull.
 fiber laser cutting machine Smoke Exhausting System Remove the smoke and dust caused from metal processing  fiber laser cutting machiine Electric Components - France Schineider Circuit protection against short-circuit currents, overload currents, breaking and industrial disconnection as per standards IEC/EN60947-2.
 fiber laser cutting machine Proportional Valve - Japan SMC 1. Stepless control of air pressure proportional to an electricalsignal.2. Serial communications specifications.3. Compact/lightweight (Integrated communication parts).  fiber laser cutting machine Solenoid Valve -- Taiwan AIRTAC Ultra High Pressure SolenoidValve support up to 3Mpa, fast on-off response speed.
    fiber laser cutting machine2
1.Support AI/PLT/Gerber formats, accept Mater Cam, Type3 output international standard G code.2.Lead-in/out, cutting compensation, micro-joint, bridging, back entry, gap cutting etc.,3.Multiple piercing methods available, separated laser power/frequency/ gas type/ gas pressure/ height track can be set during cutting and piercing,4.WIFI remote control panel
Leapfrog function: highly improve the cutting efficiency.
Photoelectric edge search : fast location and improve processing efficiency
Power control: allowing corners to be cut with a sharp angle
Flying cut: especially for thin metal sheet, fast cut of matrix patterns
Sprint laser piercing This helps to keep the optics clean and improves the cutting process by pushing vaporised and liquified material outthrough the kerf, especially for the thick sheet metal
  fiber laser cutting machine5fiber laser cutting fiber laser cutting machine4fiber laser cutting machine21 fiber laser cutting machine51DOCUMENTATION The following documentation is supplied with the machine: Copies of the Machine Instruction Manual CE conformity declaration. Delivery Protocol. Software manual. USB driver for backup. WIFI instant detecting and fast problem confirming.   2TRAINING Based on the contract, we delivery laser machine to customers place safely within the specified time,and send engineer to install at user place. Under the basic conditions of installation machine, engineerwill complete the installation and commissioning machine within 1-2 days for the user, and ensure neat,clean and orderly. We provide technical training. After the installation and commissioning completed,engineer will service buyer operator at least 5 days at buyer place or at seller factory until the operatorcan operate machine. The training as follows: Training operating instruction of turning on and off machine; Meaning of panel and control parameters, Training parameter selection range; Training control software operation ; Basic maintenance and cleaning of the machine; Dealing with common hardware problem; Noted question in operating ; In addition to, we also provide users technical support related their producing products.   3After-sale services To provide customers with all aspects of service. We guarantee: 1. 2 years warranty of machine. 2. Feedback within 12 hours with solutions for every problem. 3. Machine lifetime maintenance services though warranty expires. 4. Wide range of hardware and software support after the warranty expires, enjoy free upgrades.        

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