20w 30W fiber laser printing / fibre laser marking / fiber laser engraving machine for metal

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fiber laser cutting machine1 30w raycus desktop fiber laser marking machine Ruijie fiber laser marking machine is widely used for marking logo, pattern, words on kinds of metal materials. It is popular with high working efficiency,economical price and small body. Ruijie desktop laser marking machine could reture efficient and stable cutting quality for our end-user. We will recommend the most suitable model according to your requirements . Customization available for special needs. 1.Adopting separated design. The portable part can move according to processing demand, and mark on big and heavy materials directly, which break through the limitation of working table and bring more convenience to our respected customers. 2.Equipped with focal length adjustable protective covering, to ensure marking accuracy. 3. High quality laser path suitable for delicate marking. Reaching nearest to the limit of diffraction. Exporting TEMOO of fundamental transverse mode. M2 near to 1. Beam divergence angle is only 1/4 of diode laser. Focus dot diameter is not over 20 um. 4. High pulse repeating rate and stable power bring high speed laser marking. Unit pulse power surge is lower than 1%. Easy control laser dot size, thickness and shape. 5. High speed 2-3 times over than traditional diode pumped marking machine. 6. Air-cooling smart machine size! 7. Long lifetime Ultra-low power consumption of 0.5 kw. Efficiency conversion reach to over 30%. 8.Suitable for various fiber laser generators. 9.Easily Operating: Afford the specific marking software based on Windows, which is real-time adjust the laser power and pulse frequency. You can input and output by computer according to edit in the both of the specific marking software and the graphic software such as AutoCAD, CorelDRAW or Photoshop. laser marking machine   fiber laser cutting machine2 fiber laser marking machine is professional used in rapid marking on metal plates, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized plate, many kinds of alloy, etc. Ruijie can customize the marking machine according to your demands.laser marking machine       fiber laser cutting machine4laser marking machine fiber laser cutting machine51DOCUMENTATION The following documentation is supplied with the machine: Copies of the Machine Instruction Manual CE conformity declaration. Delivery Protocol. Software manual. USB driver for backup. WIFI instant detecting and fast problem confirming.   2TRAINING Based on the contract, we delivery laser machine to customers place safely within the specified time,and send engineer to install at user place. Under the basic conditions of installation machine, engineerwill complete the installation and commissioning machine within 1-2 days for the user, and ensure neat,clean and orderly. We provide technical training. After the installation and commissioning completed,engineer will service buyer operator at least 5 days at buyer place or at seller factory until the operatorcan operate machine. The training as follows: Training operating instruction of turning on and off machine; Meaning of panel and control parameters, Training parameter selection range; Training control software operation ; Basic maintenance and cleaning of the machine; Dealing with common hardware problem; Noted question in operating ; In addition to, we also provide users technical support related their producing products.   3After-sale services To provide customers with all aspects of service. We guarantee: 1. 2 years warranty of machine. 2. Feedback within 12 hours with solutions for every problem. 3. Machine lifetime maintenance services though warranty expires. 4. Wide range of hardware and software support after the warranty expires, enjoy free upgrades. laser marking machine

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